Vertical Blinds

In changing the stigma of verticals as cheap product, So-Lux Blinds boasts use of the Hunter Douglas Deco Plus Vertical System. This offers a new level of style and versatility in a wand operated vertical.

The complete child safe solution allows for simple operation. Glide the wand across the track to open or close the blinds, or spin the want to tilt the louvres.

Redesigned Wand Operation

The Traversing Wand has a clutch function in the hook to prevent breakages under force so if it is over spun, it simply just clicks. The wand can also be hidden behind the blade without it gaping.
The wand is constructed from aluminum to allow for easier cutting and offers more operating versatility allowing for one wand to be used for split and centre stack operations rather than 2 wands available in White and Anodised, the traversing wand will maintain its original colour, even with continual UV exposure.

Contemporary Headrail for Easier Installation

The Deco Plus Vertical Track simply clips into the brackets to install or clips out to be removed. The track has been designed to be universal so if the control sided needs to change, the installer can just flip the track on site saving time and the need to reword the blind.

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So-Lux Blinds | Vertical Blinds | Perth Blinds | Western Australia Blinds

Robust Traveller Hooks

The new traveller hooks are constructed from a durable and virtually unbreakable thermoplastic. A springless clutch function and stabilizing arm keeps hooks secure within the track.

Internal Components Cycles tested to Last 10 Years

Internal components have been produced from a high quality resin. End caps, chain drive, travelers and end retainers have been produced from Polyactel a highly engineered thermoplastic used in precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction and excellent dimensional stability. All components have been cycle tested to the equivalent of 10 year usage.